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EpicureanFriends Texts

The EpicureanFriends Texts page is a curated collection of resources which supplements the work of in studying and promoting Epicurean Philosophy.


Epicurean Philosophy Navigation Outline

The Epicurean Philosophy Navigation Outline is a resource designed to make it quick and easy to jump between higher and lower levels of key aspects of Epicurean philosophy. The bulleted view is available here and an expanded page view is available here:

Outline View

Here's a test link [[Ref-PrincipleDoctrines#^ce705a]]

Foundations of Epicurean Philosophy

This slide presentation summarizes major aspects of Epicurean philosophy through excerpts from the ancient texts. The text portion is here: Foundations-2024. The main page for discussion of this at is here. You can view the presentation as an interactive slideshow here.

Fundamentals of Epicurean Philosophy

The EpicureanFriends clickable Navigation-Map is here.

Navigation Map

The texts in the "Primary" section are annotated versions prepared from an original source (generally that of Cyril Bailey) with annotations.

The texts in the "Supplemental" section are copies of other translations and materials which are also of great value in the study of Epicurus.

Primary Texts Secondary Texts Supplemental Material
Letter To Herodorus Vatican List of Sayings And Other Surviving Fragments Lucretius Finding Aid
Letter To Pythocles Diogenes Laertius - Life Of Epicurus Epicurus - The Extant Remains - Cyril Bailey
Letter To Meneoceus Cicero - On Ends Usener's Epicurea
Letter To Idomeneus Cicero - On The Nature Of The Gods
The Will of Epicurus Lucian of Samosata: Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Perseus - Diogenes Laetius - Hicks)
Principle Doctrines Perseus - Lucretius - Latin
Lucretius - On the Nature of Things Perseus - Lucretius - Emery
Diogenes of Oinoanda

[[Lucian-Volume-4#DIALOGUES OF THE HETAERAE|Dialogues of the Heterare]]


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